Grammar: Verbs and Pronouns

Verbs and Pronouns

jeg - I
du - you (one person)
han - he
hun - she
vi - we
dere - you (several persons)
de - they

Time for some grammar!

  • A verb is a word that tells you what someone does: eat, sleep, work, fly, love … these are all verbs.
  • A pronoun is a word that replaces a person or a thing: I, you, he, she …
  • When we combine pronouns and verbs, we basically only allow certain endings, e.g. I drink - he drinks

But in Norwegian, things are easier! We have only one form for each verb and each tense. So regardless of who does something, we always have the same form for the verb.

In the present tense, this form usually ends with an -r.

Some things to know about the pronouns:

  • Norwegian has two ways of saying you: for one person you say du - for several persons you say dere.
  • There is a pronoun for things, too, but you will learn that in chapter 3.

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