Ernas drøm (Erna's dream)

Listen to the text.

Listen to the text and read along. Try to guess what you understand. Then look at the English translation below and compare with the Norwegian text. Feel free to listen to it again. Do you notice a few things?

En mann kommer langs veien.
En turist? Nei.
Erna kjenner mannen. Han smiler.
Det er mannen fra stasjonen.
Hun smiler også.

Mannen går forbi.
Hun roper etter ham. Men han hører ikke.
Han forsvinner.

Adressen. Hun må skrive adressen!
Hvor er adressen?

Nå ser hun tre personer:
En gutt ‒ han spiser sjokolade.
Ei dame ‒ hun gir ei bok til en mann.
Erna tenker:
Nei, ikke spis sjokoladen!
Ikke gi ham boka!

Erna våkner. Hun må le.
Men hun tenker: Hva med adressen?


Erna’s dream

A man is coming down the road.
A tourist? No.
Erna knows the man. He is smiling.
It is the man from the station.
She is smiling, too.

The man is passing by.
She calls for him. But he does not hear her.
He disappears.

The address. She must write the address!
Where is the address?

Now she sees three people:
A boy ‒ he is eating chocolate.
A woman ‒ she is giving a book to a man.
Erna is thinking:
No, do not eat the chocolate!
Do not give him the book!

Erna wakes up. She must laugh.
But she is thinking: What about the address?

How much of the text did you understand?

Nothing at all

Don’t worry.
In chapter 1, we’ll start from scratch! We’ve never had a student who has not been able to learn Norwegian. Make sure you don’t ask too much of yourself, so take a break whenever you need it.

A bit

Norwegian is not as complicated as you might initially have anticipated, is it?

Most of it

Probably you have learned a similar language before, or your mother tongue is German, Dutch, Swedish, or Danish.
Great! Learning Norwegian will be easy for you.

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