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Overview of all the verb forms

I‘m really proud of you: The last lectures have been hard. I want to sum up everything you have learned. Take your time to memorize this. Come back to this page as often as you want. I know many German courses present this information later, but I believe this is the single most important thing to know about the German language, so it’s important to learn it early. Once you have the verb forms memorized, you will have an extremely solid foundation that will carry you far.
In the following table everything that is blue is somehow irregular.

Find the patterns – for example:
• Apart from sein all plural forms are always regular.
• The wir form is always the same as the sie (plural) form.
• All du forms end with -st.
• The er / sie (singular) / es form are the same.

Feel free to print this PDF and put it at your toilet door:

Overview of all the verb forms .pdf
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