How to pass Norskprøven (A1-B2)

Slik består du Norskprøven (A1-B2)

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  • Understand the exam tasks

  • Learn exam strategies

  • Solve sample questions

You have studied Norwegian like crazy, and now you are ready to take Norskprøven?

But you're afraid you won't get the result you are hoping for because you ...

- ... don't know the exam tasks well enough?
- ... don't know how to prepare?

Norskprøven is not just about speaking and writing Norwegian well, but it is also crucial to know what exactly you have to do in the exam. Learn all of this in my Norskprøve video course.

Here's what awaits you:

🚀 In 50+ video lessons I present typical tasks, explain what is "dangerous" about the tasks and what you need to concentrate on.

👁️ See real exam tasks as I guide you through each step, sharing insights on how to solve them in an optimal way.

📝 I will go through exam texts written by students and show you how I would improve them.

You will also get

🔥 500+ exam tasks you can practise with (you will get access within 2 business days after enrolment).

📅 a concrete plan for what to do if you only have one month or one week before the exam

📚 practical information about Norskprøven

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Why this course is unique

Everybody shows you sample tasks for Norskprøven, but how do you solve them? How should you prepare for the exam? What if something goes wrong during the exam?

This course deals with all these subtle, yet vital issues about Norskprøven.

Your Instructor

Werner Skalla
Werner Skalla

Werner has been teaching languages for many years. He has founded the online language school Skapago and is fluent in five languages.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
The course starts at the moment you buy it. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start working on it.
How long do I have access to the course?
Depending on the pricing plan you choose, you will have access to this course for up to one year.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with the course, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.
Will I be able to practice?
Yes, you will have access to about 500 example tasks from the written exam, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension, for the levels A1-B2. Please note it takes about 2 working days after you enroll for us to give you access to these example tasks (but you can work with the core of the course right away).
Can I get feedback from a teacher?
I can refer you to excellent Norwegian teachers who can give you 1:1 feedback and tailor a course to you for passing the Norskprøve. Personal feedback is unfortunately not included in the price of this course.
How much does it cost?
You can get 3 months access for 49 $ and 12 months access for 99 $. This is not a subscription, you will only be charged once. The price is in US dollars since I have students from all around the world ... but don't worry, you can buy this course in any other currceny as well.
Will I learn Norwegian in this course?
No, this course is meant to help you pass the Norskprøven exam, so you will learn the relevant tasks for passing the exam. You can learn Norwegian with my story-based Norwegian courses "The Mystery of Nils" (A1/A2) and "Mysteriet om Nils" (B1/B2).
What level of Norwegian should I have?
You can take Norskprøven at all levels from A1 to B2, so any level is appropriate. The video lessons are in English and Norwegian so you can be sure to be able to follow through.

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"This course will help me get my Norwegian permanent residency — then I can finally live in a country with oil money!"

- Donald T., former president of U.

"Back then I didn't need any exam for my bible translation, but nowadays I'm sure I would pass Norskprøven with this excellent course."

- Martin L., priest from W.

"It's been a long time since I passed an exam, so I'm glad I found Werner's Norskprøve course — it definitely helped me cope with exam nerves!"

- Julius C., emperor of R.

Don't leave your results in Norskprøven to chance. Join my course today and familiarize yourself with the strategies that make success in Norskprøven almost inevitable, even if you're scared of exams ...

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